What are some reliable silver jewellery factories in India?

What are some reliable silver jewellery factories in India?

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There are lots of people who own silver jewellery factory in India. A few out 
of them are experienced in export quality and delivery timing for the 
silver jewelry business.

What our perception is reliability means the most important factor for the 
silver jewellery business goods must be delivered with in the time line and 
above up to the quality standard because if we buy jewellery  after the selling 
time line its just west of time money and getting extra headache in the sense of 
stock management and taking care of jewellery unnecessary.

To insure that we are not going to buy these kind of headache. We must take care 
few points before buying in the form of contract or written format.

Manufacturer must have enough supplying ability according to our need.
Silver Jewellery manufacturing factory should have experience to export at 
consigned country.
This is also important that factory has good brand value and presence in the 
international market.

Retailers or Traders can not satisfy a wholesale buyers so try to find out is 
that company you are going to deal with is register as are manufacturer of 
sterling silver jewellery or as trader or retailer.
You can also ask import export ( IEC CODE ) before confirming a deal from any 

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