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Even though the Human anatomy is more or less same, with similar organs and chemicals within the body, yet we all work and function in a different way. Every individual has something unique about his/her personality. Even male and female have been observed to think in their own characteristic way. Personality is chiefly controlled by the minds, which makes one act and think in a different way.

The question then arises that what are the factors that affect our minds? Is there something special in the universe that has the power to influence our minds and consequently our actions?

We have two options to live life;-

  • We can leave our destiny in the hands of nature and continue to live, accepting the shortcomings, without any desire to change.
  • We can wish for a better life by making an effort. We can strive for intelligence, wealth and prosperity, good health, peace and tranquillity within oneself, confidence, success etc. according to one’s need.

These changes can be miraculously made, beyond one’s imagination, by the help of horoscope and planetary readings. Here is your chance to make a change in your personality and thereby your entire life. You can stop living a mechanical or vegetative life. You can choose to live a wholesome and joyful life by relying on my experience in horoscope reading and astrological assessments. My sole aim is to make humans happy and content. Numerous individuals have benefitted from this and have started a chain of happiness. As more and more people begin to join this chain of happiness and joyfulness, the world will be enriched with more content beings. Remember, if you are content and happy with yourself, you will never choose to cause unrest with anyone else’s life. The simple reason being, you offer what you have. The happier you are the more happiness you can spread to your near and dear ones, your workplace and the society in which you live.

Our horoscope is made according to the planetic conditions at the time and place of our birth. The planets are mirror to our past, present and future. By reading your horoscope and the planetic conditions, I can help you gain control of your life.

Hello friends! I am your friend, an Astrologer, Tarun k.Tiwari. I have a thorough knowledge of Astrology and Gemstones and have attained an experience of 27 years through my explorations and understanding of the impact of planets on our lives. This knowledge of mine has been a guiding force for those who wanted to attain control over their lives, rather being in control of life.

If you are still wondering about relationship between planetic conditions and human life, here is a brief and simple explanation: The strategic positioning of the planets at a particular angle can hinder or uplift a man’s fate by defining the course of events. It can affect the life of a Jaatak adversely. According to the astrological theories, it has been stated that the ill effects of the planets on a person’s life can be reduced or minimized through astrological aids or methods. In a time when the negative effects of these afflicted, eclipsed or entangled planets are felt in a Jaatak’s life, this methodology acts as a support system. This is called Planetary remedy.

The remedial measures include Japa, Daan, yagya, worship, wearing of various stones etc. After analyzing an individual’s horoscope and transition of planets, I recommend the suitable remedy to the Jaatak which provide him/her with not only the strength and ability to cope with circumstances but also to gradually turn the unpleasant phase into an opportunity. Through astrological remedies I can help you conquer your fears and sail through the turmoil and rough patches, without losing sight of what is really important. The problems do not fade away instantly but I can help you overcome them in a more dignified and composed way, rather than continuing in a state of despair and hopelessness.

The remedies will ignite confidence and hope in you, thereby evolving your personality.

You can get a personal consultation, exclusively by appointment. Confidentiality is one hundred percent guaranteed.

    • Some specifications of my working methods:
    • Checking the Horoscope
    • Vaastu of home/office
    • Numerology
    • Planetic positons
    • Effects of Black Magic by Vedic pattern
    • Spirtual sadhana (practice)


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My biographical details:

I was born in 1967 in Ajmer, Rajasthan (India). I attained the basics of Astrology through ‘Maa Sadhna’ and by the blessings of Swami Satyanand Saraswati ji. I have been studying as well as promoting studies and researches in astrology for a long duration.

So, let us gear up to convert negativity to positivity! We can come together to plan life meticulously by using astrology as a tool that provides resource to attain new zenith in life.
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Note : All appointments are given according to Indian Standard Time. Hence the clients calling from Foreign countries are requested to check their corresponding local times. After submitting your form and making payment, kindly wait for 4 working hours at least, before contacting us through phone, for appointment. Very likely, one of our representatives will get in touch with you within 2-3 working hours after receiving your request.