Remedies of Lord Rahu’s Mahadasha

Remedies of Lord Rahu’s Mahadasha

In astrology, Rahu has been considered as a shadow planet. In Rahu’s Mahadasha and intercept, this Saturn proves far more harmful than the house.

During the Rahu Mahadasha, these symptoms are experienced: –
1. In the Mahadasha of Rahu, the person starts consuming alcohol more.
2. Do not believe in your religion / become atheist and insult your master.
3. Lying, using bitter words, cheating
4. Always interested in Non-Veg. food.
5. Any type of injury in the head.
6. Experiencing fear in life and creating new enemies.
7. Financial loss.
8. Staying in mental stress.Individuals during Rahu Mahadasha: gas disease, stomach disorders, hair fall, mental stress, headache, madness, haemorrhoids or any incurable disease.

In order to pacify Rahu Mahadasha, the following remedies should be done: –
1. Chant this mantra of Rahu on a daily basis: ” Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah“
2. On Sunday, in the temple of Lord Bhairav, light the lamp of oil.
3. Do the lessons of Bajrang Baan and Hanuman Chalisa every day.
4. The people should wear something of silver or wear something of silver.
5. Donate milk and rice.
6. Donate sesame seeds and barley in Hanuman temple.
7. Donate lentil pulses.
8. Put the barley on your head while sleeping at night and put the birds in the morning.
9. Donate sweets every Tuesday and Saturday.
10. On Saturday, our used blanket donates a poor one.
11. On Monday (Rahu Mahadasha Upay), offer water and dust seeds on Shivling in Shiva temple, and keep a fast on Monday.

For the above remedies it would be good if your perform Lord Rahu Puja and homam from our well-versed priest in temple. You can book your puja below the button.

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