Pearl (Moti)

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is an organic, white to bluish grey colored, precious gemstone produced inside the body of a living organism called ‘Mollusc’. This gemstone holds a strong astrological significance in the Vedic astrology and is worn to pacify planet Moon in the wearer’s birth chart. Western astrology suggests Pearl birthstone for those born in the month of June.

According to the Indian astrology, Pearl (meaning Moti in Hindi) is associated with the auspicious planet Moon. Wearing Pearl helps to strengthen Moon in the wearer’s horoscope and blesses them with peace, mental stability, positivity and good health.
Vedic astrology prescribes Moti ratna for Karka (Cancer) rashi.
Western astrology recommends Pearl birthstone for Cancer sign.
Ascendants of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces can also wear Pearl gemstone to gain good results.Natural Pearl (Large) - Luxury
Pearl gem is considered mild by nature, hence, doesn’t bring any negative influence for the wearer. It can be comfortably worn by people of almost every zodiac sign after a primary Gem Consultation.

Supports Anger Management – According to the Vedas – Moon rules emotions. Hence, its gemstone, Pearl is often recommended to the people who find difficulty in controlling their anger. Wearing Pearl benefits such individuals to stay calm, composed and positive.
Brings Clarity in Thoughts – Astrologers believe that wearing pearl gemstone benefits people in the professions where deep concentration, high confidence and better self-expression is highly required. Success in creative and artistic pursuits are regarded as some important benefits of wearing Moti gemstone.
Improves Maternal Relationship – Since Moon is associated with the mother or the nurturer in the Vedic astrology, wearing Chandra Ratna – Moti benefit the health of native’s mother and strengthen their mutual bonding.
For Healthy Eyes, Skin & Heart – According to the ancient texts, wearing a natural Pearl benefits the native to get relief from water-borne diseases. It is said that the positive energies of Pearl stimulate the water balance in the body and thereby helps the wearer to gain clean youthful skin, bright eyes and robust circulatory system.Natural Pearl (Large) - Premium

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