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Get Vedic Astrology Reading and find Predictions, Guidance and Remedies for problems in various fields of your life with the help of Vedic Astrology. Here is the list of services offered :

Vedic Astrology Reading : Get accurate Horoscope Reading and know about the good and bad yogas of astrology, present in your Horoscope as well as their good and bad effects in various fields of your life along with their exact timing of impact. Also get remedies to rectify the defects present in your horoscope and reduce their bad effects significantly. These Vedic Astrology remedies primarily include Poojas, Mantras, Charities and Gemstones.

Your Lucky Gemstones : Get a gemstone report based on your Horoscope and know the Lucky Gemstones for you based on astrology which can significantly enhance your chances of success with Profession, Finance, Education, Love Life, Marriage and Married Life, Fame, Fortune and much more.

Know Your Mantra : Learn about the Mantras which suit you best according to astrology of your horoscope and which are capable of blessing you with all around good things.

Know Your Yantra : Learn about the Yantras which suit you best according to astrology of your horoscope and which are capable of blessing you with all around good things.

Career Guidance : Know the most suitable careers for you based on your Horoscope and also make the most of your career with the help of astrology by knowing suitable Gemstones and suitable Mantras and other Remedies for boosting your career and finances.

Marriage and Love Compatibility : Want to know about how would be your match or compatibility with your partner? Book a consultation and know as to how good or bad can this match be, on the basis of your Horoscopes. Get detailed astrology information about the fields in which the match is likely to perform well and know about the fields which can affect the longevity of the Match in a negative way. Also know about the Remedies of astrology for rectifying the defects present in any one or both of the Horoscopes and improve the success of your match.

Nadi Dosh and Bhakut Dosh : Want to do Match Making for your marriage by traditional Gun Milan system prevailing in India? Get accurate reports of astrology for Gun Milan score and also know the remedies for major defects like Nadi Dosh and Bhakut Dosh in case they are present there.

Marriage Problems : Is your marriage being delayed? Are you not having a healthy and enjoyable married life? Get your astrology consultation now to know about the defects which are delaying or disturbing your marriage and also know the remedies to rectify these defects and improve your chances of getting married and making the most of your married life.
Conception Problems : Get detailed reports about which planets and defects are causing delay or disturbance with the Conception Issues and get remedies to rectify these defects to improve the chances for a healthy conception.

Health Problems : Know about the astrology of planets and defects which are causing Health Concerns in your horoscope and also get remedies to rectify these defects in order to have better chances to enjoy a healthy life. Get warnings for the health issues which are likely to hit you in the future and get guidance to avoid them or control them significantly.

Pitra Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Manglik Dosh : Get accurate reports and know whether or not a Pitra Dosh, a Kaal Sarp Dosh, a Manglik Dosh or any other defect is present in your horoscope. And if present, then what is the strength of the defect, the activation time of the defect and the fields of your life, it is going to affect. Also get remedies of astrology to rectify these defects and reduce them significantly.

Other Services : Have any other query or problem related to astrology, not covered in the above mentioned services? Just book your consultation and ask about any field of your life or ask any particular question and get guidance and remedies based on your horoscope reading.

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Note: Kindly be Graceful and kindly don’t ask for extras. If you have booked a regular appointment consultation, kindly don’t ask for urgent appointment.Note : Urgent Appointment Consultation is generally delivered within 2 to 4 working days after receiving the payment. Appointment for Regular consultation usually takes 10 to 15 working days after the payment has been received. Working hours are 10 AM to 8 PM Indian Standard Time on all working days of the Week except on Sundays, National Holidays and some other days which may be chosen as non-working days from time to time.

Note: For Match Making, submit the details of one individual through form and mention the details of the second individual in Additional Remarks Box. Match Making consultation is 30 to 40 minute consultation.Only 1 horoscope is allowed in 30 minute consultation whereas 2 horoscopes are allowed in case of Match Making and 1 hour consultation.

Phone Consultations are given in English, Hindi and Punjabi as per the preference of the client. Phone calls are to be made by the client. Nothing is delivered through emails or in person, and everything is delivered over Phone or Skype only.Note : All appointments are given according to Indian Standard Time. Hence the clients calling from Foreign countries are requested to check their corresponding local times. After submitting your form and making payment, kindly wait for 4 working hours at least, before contacting us through phone, for appointment.

Very likely, one of our representatives will get in touch with you within 2-3 working hours after receiving your request. 30 Minute Phone Consultation Rs. 2500 ($40 USD) Urgent Apointment 30 Minute Consultation Rs. 5000 ($80 USD) Match Making on Phone Rs. 5000 ($80 USD) Urgent Apointment Match Making Rs. 10000 ($160 USD) 1 Hour Phone Consultation Rs. 5000 ($80 USD) Urgent Apointment 1 Hour Consultation Rs. 10000 ($160 USD)
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