How accurately can astrology predict death

How accurately can astrology predict death

How accurately can astrology predict death?
Can Indian astrology predict death?
How can we find the date of birth of a person from his birth chart/kundali?
How can I know my astrology without my date of birth?
Can anyone predict the future based on their birth date & birth time?
How can know one’s date of birth if I only know the name and date of death?
How can we calculate favorable days for a person based on his date of birth by numerology and astrology?
How can I know my birth time for an accurate horoscope if my date of birth is 11 October 1976?
Have any way to know date of birth?
How do some astrologer predict future exactly? Is it actually possible to know everything about a person just from his date & time of birth?

The answer to that is fairly simple actually; astrology can predict not just death but all sorts of important things in one’s life. Astrology is not merely fantasy and mythology but a hard science based on mathematical calculations of the movements of planets, and their effect on our lives.

It has been proven by science that such celestial movements have subtle effects on a person’s daily life.

We see so many astronomical events creating a stir around the planet all the time. The control of the moon the tidal waves and the behaviors of animals, the strange connection between the sunflower and the sun etc are all so objective and undeniable that it is quite logical to say that the mood and consciousness and the actions we take may also be effected by such movements and it is not all that difficult to imagine that people who studied such phenomenon are not able to establish the connection between our life, the condition of our health, and the possible length of our life span too.

The key however remains to be the right kind of astrologer, just because so many shops in the world sell synthetic gold, it doesn’t mean that real gold does not exist at all. And a real astrologer can find the date of one’s death to the year, month, date and even time of the day.

Indicative Date of Death Astrology by Tarun K. Tiwari

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