Garnet stone

Garnet stone

Garnet stone is a semi-precious gemstone available in varieties of colours. It is a birthstone of January, and best known for its healing properties.Red Garnet - 1.79 carats
Garnet Benefits
The greatest benefit of Garnet is received when it is used in healing therapy. Garnet gemstone is known to bring positivity, stability, good health and enthusiasm in life.

One of the benefits of Garnet gemstone is its healing effects on the emotions of a person. It is known to ward off nightmares (bad dreams), alleviate mental depression and cure sleep disorders.

In the field of Business, the auspicious astrological effects of Garnet are derived by keeping Garnet crystals in the cash counter or cash register to attract luck and wealth.

People who work in fields related to Tourism & Travel or whose jobs require extensive travelling can reap a lot of benefits of garnets. Garnet gemstone blesses its wearer with safe travels, strength and wanderlust.

One of the most significant benefits of garnet stones is that they provide their wearer with good decision making skills. Garnet gemstone gives its wearer the power to have clear focus, self awareness and fulfilling commitments.

People whose businesses deal in oils, paints, iron, coal etc. readily receives the effects of wearing garnet gemstone.

Red garnet gemstone benefits the sex drive, potency, vigor and reproductive health of its wearer.

Medically, it is believed that Garnet stone benefits the heart lungs, spinal cord, bones (esp backbone) and in conditions of the knees and the joints.Brown Garnet - 1.98 carats

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