You may have everything required to become an Politician but your birth chart is significantly important to make you what you year to be. Also, if there are certain doshas in your kundali, then you needn’t worry. With the right remedial actions, you can easily get rid of them. You may be a great orator […]

Hollywood/ Bollywood

you need to look for is to consult an astrologer before you begun to think seriously of entering into acting or drama. An astrologer would analyze your birth chart very accurately and guide you at every point in your life to help you achieve the desired results. Sometimes, your birth chart can have doshas and […]

JanamPatri (New Born Child)

looks after you JanamPatri (New Born Child). It will cover all the major areas of life of the child. About JanamPatri (New Born Child):- This report provides an in-depth analysis about your temperament, characteristics and personality, strengths and weaknesses, the favorable and unfavorable aspects. You will get the following details in your Janampatrika : Birth […]

Phone Consultation

About Astro Phone Consultation:- some time Going to an astrologer in person is not possible always – given the various constraints of time, distance, availability and privacy issues. So, Astrology on Phone is the best way to consult on phone.i keep secret the name of my clients. so you can choose 15 min to 30 […]

Love / Relationship Solution

About Relationship/ Love Problem Solution:- Economical solutions to almost all sorts of problems and obstacles related with love between persons (lovers), and relationship between husband and wife, are now readily available, with support of AstroTarunk.Tiwari love and relationship specialist of India, who is now renowned in countries worldwide, Though he provides elegant and rather effective […]

Match Making Astrology

About Match Making Astrology Service:- Matchmaking is based upon a unique, time-tested methodology of examining the compatibility of two persons for a Long-term Relationship, and is the most Comprehensive Reading on compatibility. This Unique and fascinating reading considers 29 different factors and rates your Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Psychological and Spiritual as well as looks at […]

Career Report/Career

Are you born to be in service industry, an Artist or a Business Man? What Are Your Strongest Natural Talents? This reading will provide all the answers you are seeking regarding your career. Career reading will guide you to choose the right career to divert the direction of your life to Success. Astrological Highlights in […]

Marriage Prediction

The Marriage Prediction is meant for giving you a broad outline of the nature of your marriage and married life on the basis of the planetary position in your birth chart. As per Vedic astrology, there are several factors that influence the timing of a person’s marriage and chart the course of the married life. […]