Various Effects of Gem Citrine on Jupitor November birthstone

Various Effects of Gem Citrine on Jupitor November birthstone

Citrine Gem is just like the fair-eyed boy of the quartz family which has become much popular because of its appearance. Its shiny and alluring yellow to golden-orange hue is hugely attractive. Similar to the other gemstones belonging to the quartz family, it ranks higher in the Moh’s hardness scale. As a result, it is very hardy and resistant to scratches and chipping off

While the natural yellow sapphires are sometimes beyond the reach, citrine offers the same benefits at a much affordable rates.

This gemstone is considered as a powerhouse of positivity. It clears any kind of negative influences from the surroundings and clears unwanted forces. It brings stability in the life and provides an overall protection. Citrine is also one of the healing gemstones, which inspires self-healing and self-improvement.

Jupiter is one planet which controls some of the most important aspects of our lives, for instance, good health, intelligence, financial prospects and life expectancy, to name a few.

Citrine is one of the healing gemstones which help its wearer overcome depression, fears, and phobias. It has proven to be extra beneficial to those who are trying to overcome some sort of trauma and grief.

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