best Astrological Remedies to win Court Cases

Court Cases Problems Remedy

best Astrological Remedies to win Court Cases

By the precise and accurate reading of an individual’s Horoscope , it can be known that if a person has a chance to get trapped in any kind of a court case in his lifetime.
According to some Vedic astrology theories, it is because of some conditions and placements of planets in the horoscope that makes the person to be trapped in a court case. Usually these situations are as follows:

Undesired presence of the Grahan Yoga.
The influence of malefic planets at the 6th house of the horoscope.
Dangerous and ill placements and combinations of planets like Sun and Rahu, Mars and Ketu.

listed below are some of the tips to help you with gaining an edge over your rival and also to ensure to bring in some good luck for your winning.

Worship Lord Hanuman:

During the time when you are attending the court for your cases’ hearing for the very first time, it is highly recommended that you should offer prayers to Lord Hanuman by lighting ghee diyas and incense sticks. Also, it is suggested to offer gud, chana and laddoo while reading hanuman chalisa and pray for your victory in the court case.

Worship Maa Baglamukhi:

Goddess Baglamukhi is said to be representing the symbol of victory and power. It is said that Maa Baglamukhi is worshiped by one and all who are struggling to find ways to win their court case.

Therefore, worshiping Maa Baglamukhi will surely usher to victory and good results and also it will help in pacifying any ill effects and negative influence of the quarrel between the two individuals by keeping away all the evil spirits and negative energy.

Wearing Rudrakhsha:

Sometimes, it may also happen that we are wrongly dragged and forced in a court case due to some animosity and jealous from our relatives and friends.
At such conditions, one may consider wearing panchmuki Rudraksha (Five faced), saptamukhi Rudraksha (seven faced) or even the gyaramukhi rudraksha (11 faced) to ward off any evil and negative spirit around you.

This remedy will further loose the strength of the enemy or rival and will ultimately help you to win an edge over your rival, concluding to the win in court case.

The divine power of Gomti Chakra:

Gomti Chakra is said to be extremely beneficial in getting good luck and fortune if you place it near you; especially when you put in your pocket.
It is said to be a miniature of Lord Krishna’s discus and is effective in even helping you to win over a long pending and almost defeated court case.

According to old Vedic astrology theories, Gomti Chakra has always been in use for over many years by people who had “Sarpa Dosha” in their birth charts. To ensure your winning in the court cast, always make sure that you put your right foot first while entering the court with Gomti Chakra in your pocket.

No wonder that many big politicians who win elections by very large margin are often observed to be carrying Gomti chakras in their pockets.

Offer Haqiq Stones:

One of the simplest and easiest remedy to win over in any court case is to offer eleven haqiq stones in any temple and offer prayers to your idol God, wishing for your victory in the court. This remedy will definitely help to bring some good luck and will also lead you to the victory in court.

Wear Dark Coloured Clothes:

To repel and ward off any negativity around you, it is best suggested to wear dark coloured clothes. This as a remedy works to get rid of the ill effects of the negativity and help to win a court case in the long run.

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