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I like to Express some of my thoughts about astrology please read it and pass your valuable comments ,so we can improve the science of astrology.
Astrology has been a passion of mine since I was a child.
My intention with this site is the share my love of Astrology real essence of Indian Spirituality and Jyotish with you and to offer practical and insightful guidance about how you can apply it to your life.
Even though the Human anatomy is more or less same, with similar organs and chemicals within the body, yet we all work and function in a different way. Every individual has something unique about his/her personality.
Even male and female have been observed to think in their own characteristic way. Personality is chiefly controlled by the minds, which makes one act and think in a different way.
The question then arises that what are the factors that affect our minds? Is there something special in the universe that has the power to influence our minds and consequently our actions?
We have two options to live life;-
We can leave our destiny in the hands of nature and continue to live, accepting the shortcomings, without any desire to change. OR
We can wish for a better life by making an effort. We can strive for intelligence, wealth and prosperity, good health, peace and tranquility within oneself, confidence, success etc. according to one’s need.